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Should Fresh Strawberries be Refrigerated

Strawberries are a beautiful gift of nature and a blessing of the spring season. They bring innumerable benefits to the body for being rich in anti-oxidants and fibers. Further, the fresh strawberries serve the purpose of healthy snacks along with satisfying the taste buds.

Despite being a healthy and tasty food option, strawberries need a good care for their storage. Exposure to moisture or thorough rinsing with water long time before the use converts them into a moldy mush.

But the question is how to store these sore and sweet berries?

Should Fresh Strawberries Be Refrigerated?

Well, strawberries can last longer than onions last in the fridge. But, their storage depends upon the use. There is no need to store them if they are meant for immediate use. For example, if a person brings fresh strawberries from the store to use them as snacks in the next 24 hours, then there is no use to store them. One just needs to rinse them with water and keep them in a less shallow bowl.

For consuming them next day, one should avoid them rinsing with water. Otherwise, they become a mess or potentially develop the fungus. For use within 48 hours, there is no need to store them in the refrigerator. Putting them on a paper towel spread in plate proves enough. Placing a paper towel between the layers of strawberries avoid unnecessary exposure to moisture.

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Refrigerating the Fresh Strawberries

One can use strawberries in a myriad of ways, like making a jam, baking for cakes, pancakes or making smoothies. For all these purposes, using these fruits in their fresh form is not as much necessary. One can rely on the preserved fruit, which has been stored in the refrigerator long ago.

For refrigerating the strawberries, one has to put them in a bowl used to store such barriers. And, it is enough. Another necessary precaution for storing fresh strawberries is avoiding too much rinsing with water.

Treatment for Fresh Strawberries For Instant Use

It is a fact that strawberries are an essential ingredient in many healthy breakfast recipes. They are also a component of energetic, superfoods. Many people use them at noon with their lunch and drink the strawberry juice for an evening detox. For all these purposes it is alright to use the fresh strawberries as well as refrigerated one. But, those who want to store them for the more extended purpose should make sure not to put them in a plastic bag or a hot, dry place, because too much exposure to water and air can spoil them. It is possible to refrigerate the strawberries and place them in cool, dry place.

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