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How Long Do Onions Last in Fridge?

Onions are a rich source of vital nutrients like manganese, potassium, phosphorus, and copper. They also fulfill the body’s need for Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B. Using onions in their fresh form is essential to benefit from all these nutrients. One must know how long onions do last, to ensure their use in the best shape.

Here are the quick facts and preservation techniques about onions that healthily ensure their long-term use.

 How Long Do Onions Last?

Onions are one of the rare vegetables that can last for more than one month before storage. It is also a potassium-rich food that promotes health. Usually, onions that are not peeled off can last for four to six months. They should be kept in cool, dry places. A good practice is to keep onions in net mash so that air finds sufficient passage for crossing. Using tight plastic bags for storing onions bars the entry of air, making them prone to spoilage. Contrary to this, peeled off onions require quite a different treatment.

Once peeled off onions are more likely to rot; so, it is better to use them as quickly as possible. If chopped onions have no immediate use, then they should be kept in the fridge in an airtight container.

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How Long Do Onions Last in Fridge?

One must know how long do onions last in a fridge before storing them. Commonly, no one prefers keeping the chopped onions in the fridge and using them later. Those who intend to store the chopped off onions and consume them in future should be aware of how long do onions last in the fridge. As mentioned above, peeled-off onions must be kept in airtight containers, even for storage in the refrigerator. Onions can last up to one week after storage.

A rotten onion usually develops black and brown soft spots that become breeding ground for fungus.

Keeping the Onions in Fridge

Large households and even restaurants that require too many onions for daily basis recipes find it hard to chop them on a regular basis. They can choose peel off and cut onions in bulk and then store them in the freezer. The frozen onions can last for up to 6 months, but that too depends upon specific conditions. Consuming frozen onions might not be much riskier for health, makes user deprived of vital nutrients that fresh onions have.

The good thing about onion is that they last for more than one month if not peeled off. So, it is better to keep onions in a hanging net mash so that they don’t rot and remain fresh.

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