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Emma Watson Wins Best Actor MTV Awards 2017

Emma Watson has won the best actor MTV awards of 2017. She won the award in the first gender-free award category. However, Emma Watson gave a very lengthy award accepting speech.

Emma Watson Work for Award

Emma Watson won the award for her work in the movie Beauty and the Beast. The movie also got the “best movie” award.

Here is a summary what Emma Watson said in her award acceptance speech in Beauty and the Beast.

She stated that she is excited to get the award. Emma Watson believes the award is significant because it does not consider genders. The nominees are given equal opportunity without any regard to their gender.

She appreciates MTV for creating a gender-free award for actors, and it means something different for the winners. She also talked about acting and the ability of the actors to put themselves in someone else’s shoes.

Emma Watson’s To Asia Kate Dillon

On this occasion, Emma Watson also honored Asia Kate Dillon. She appreciated the actress saying she is the first non-binary actress to play a character somewhat similar to what she did in Billions.

The long award acceptance speech by Emma Watson has not gone well with the fans. Some fans have suggested that Emma Watson needs to save her long speech. She is only receiving an MTV award and not Oscars.

Beauty and the Beast Movie

Emma Watson Wins Best Actor MTV Awards 2017The movie Beauty and the Best movie has done great in the box office. The film has got nominations for Best Duo, Best Kiss, Best Musical Moment, and Best Movie of the Year.

The story of the movie starts with a Prince. An enchantress disguising as a beggar offers the prince a rose. The prince rejects the rose, upon dejection the witch transforms him into a beast and all his servants into household appliances.

The prince has to earn someone’s love before the fall of the last petal of the rose. If the prince fails to accomplish this task, he and his servants will never return to humanity.

Emma Watson has played the role of a young woman named Belle who loses her way into the woods. She and her father lose their way and take refuge in the Beast’s Castle. The Beast imprisons Belle’s father for stealing a role from his castle. Later, Belle requests the Beast to accept him in place of her father. The Beast takes her in place of her father, and the actual story of the “Beauty and the Beast” starts.

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