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How the Fashion Sense Has Evolved Over Time?

The term “fashion” originates from the old French word called facon, fachon and fazon. All these three words mean appearance and beauty. Fashion sense is more about what and how you carry a particular dress and make it look like the new “in” thing for those watching you. It could be pretty simple but yet appear classy and chic to others.

Global Evolution of Fashion Sense

Fashion sense around the world has evolved tremendously in the modern times. It has also had an impact on our region too where fashion is now one of the most followed fields with people always looking out for new trends and styles. They are still trying to adapt these trends, thinking that they will make them appear modern. Since the way our socio-economic needs are changing, each one of us is striving to be “socially acceptable” among peers. It is an expression of our cultural advancement.

How We Changed Our Perception of Fashion?

Particularly in our homeland, fashion trends have changed significantly and considerably evolved the overall dressing sense. The growing influence of social media and the influx of new designers’ fashion sense has redefined our culture. The society is developing due to its increased acceptability of different trends and styles more than ever before. Now fashion sense is more about how you style yourself in a particular attire rather than just adorning your outfit. As Rachel Zoe says “style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Although kameez salwar still stays the most acceptable clothing trend amongst men and woman, it has changed its form. Moreover, our clothing is also influenced by the west, becoming a more acceptable form of dress among masses.

fashion senseAnother aspect which has changed the perception of fashion is the way our fashion designers reach out to the general masses. They do not focus on a particular class of our society. The fashion industry is also quite active in this regard as they are organizing events for the general public to increase their reach to the public at large.


In a nutshell, it is important to remember whatever fashion one adopts is done keeping in mind the overall persona, style, trends, and weather. It also depends on the place one is going to and last but not the least how to accessorize appropriately. It is about the overall look one can carry with ease and comfort while looking their best.

Author - Madiha Kauser

Madiha Kauser is a passionate writer who loves to read novels, books, newspapers, and magazines.

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