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Google Assistant Ad Is Making People Nostalgic About Home Alone Movie

Do you remember Kevin McAllister, a legendary character played by Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone? A new Google ad that features Caulkin has recreated the scenes from the iconic film to advertise its Google Assistant and it is making fans nostalgic as their reaction on Twitter says it all.

Home Alone Recreated in Google Assistant

It all began when Google shared the video of its Google Assistant Ad on Twitter.

The ad shows a  Culkin who is alone at home as his family is probably on vacation. Reminding himself of buying an after-shave, to washing a bed sheet and fighting against burglars, Assistant helps Culkin sort this all alone.

While, dodging the bandits part was a bit over dramatic, it was the recreation of Home Alone scenes that caught the attention of fans.

A Gift for the Christmas Season…?

Marketing is all about getting into the minds of the audience. Giving people a message through something they are emotionally attached to. And, it seems that Google knew very well what could attach the smartphone users’ attention to its assistant.

And, it indeed turned out to be the best experience. Watching 38 years old Macaulay Culkin putting up his fight this recklessly was indeed a fun.

Would It be Still Fun if Google Assistant Was There Back Then…?

Well, now that is the real question. How the Home Alone could have been this adventurous 20 years ago when McAllister fought with burglars with the help of Google Assistant. Of course, it would have diverted attention from lead character to the technology used in the film.

Even now, viewers are not paying more attention to those movie scenes recreated and how Culkin is looking this time while armed with technology.

But, there couldn’t have been any better way of capturing attention. A round of applause for the genius who came up with this brilliant idea.

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