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Here Are Some New iOS 14 Features after Multiple Updates

Apple released the new iOS 14 on 16th September. Just few hours after the release, users and developers started to report several bugs and other issues which they came across.

They have already expected the new iOS to cause problems due to its rushed release. Developers were fuming after Apple released the first version without warning. Expectedly, the new OS was so faulty that Apple released the next 14.0.1 only after eight days.

iOS 14 Bugs and Issues

The new update was smaller in size which lies between 150MB to 180MB depending on the user. It was focused on major bug fixes that were discovered or reported by devs and users. These bugs mentioned below were the issues and readers can also post a comment if they have faced any other issue.

  1. On iPad, the Mail app showed only read mails while refreshing for unread emails in a two-column view.
  2. Rebooting iOS removed default apps.
  3. The option for sharing cards to contacts was missing.
  4. Many iPad Pro users faced Wi-Fi connectivity issues.
  5. The Messages app became slow when used for a longer time.
  6. The battery also drained very quickly when users updated to the new version from iOS 13.
  7. The App store hanged upon refreshing after installing app updates.
  8. The “update all” button for app updates in the App Store was not working.
  9. When Siri was used for activating Airplay 2 devices, the Shortcuts app did not respond.
  10. Camera previews not showing on some iPhones.
  11. The layout of the Genius tab in the iTunes Store was broken on iPhones.
  12. Turning off location services also turned off COVID-19 Exposure notifications.
  13. Widgets often appeared pixelated and restarting the iPhone fixed that issue.
  14. The news widget was blank or unstable on some iPhones.
  15. The Calendar widget removed the entire event after 15 minutes even if its set for a longer time.

The updated 14.0.1 has reportedly fixed a lot of issues related to the original iOS but also brought some of its own bugs.

Fixes In Next Update

Reportedly, Apple only managed to fix a handful of issues while many unfixes remained along with some new problems for the user to deal with. First, here are the fixes:

  1. News Widget is stable
  2. Mail issues (with some service providers) were fixed
  3. Wi-Fi Connectivity fixed (in some iPhones)
  4. Camera Previews enabled for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
  5. Apple apps were set as default apps after rebooting

Many other troublesome bugs were still present in iPhones and iPads. They ranged from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth instability, poor battery, more widgets causing the problem, the system became unstable upon heavy usage, and lags in keyboard.

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth issues were temporarily fixed after resetting the network settings but it still could not calm the storm brewing inside the users. To restart network settings, used need to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

New Features In Second Update

The recent iOS 14.2 is now available for developers and public beta testers. The final public release is set to be launched sometime in October. As it is a beta, users can still expect some of the old bugs and also the fresh ones. Apple added many new features to its new OS which may have made it unstable.

This update was mainly focused on the Control Center. Apple introduced a new feature called Music Recognition which is a toggle for Shazam to integrate more deeply with the iPhone and iPad. Shazam is an app which listens to input music and shows all of its details to its users. It is popular with music lovers who can easily identify any song playing in the background.

It is different from the new Sound Recognition feature which aids those users who are unable to hear properly.

If iOS 14 didn’t go well with developers as well as the end-users then it will just add another reason to why the iPhone is overrated.

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