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Interesting Lies Parents Tell Their Children When They Were Little

The lies parents tell their children just to get them to behave well and get a moment’s worth of peace are quiet is unbelievable.  In fact they are so funny that people can’t resist sharing them when the recollect those old memories.

Hilarious things kids are told about how babies are born are just one of those lies.

Here Are Some Of The Inanest Lies Parents Tell Their Children

 The fondness of weed and other cannabis items, especially amongst students over the years has increased as it can help relieve stress. Despite being bad for their health, many feel it’s just another lie parents tell their children

Still Don’t Get It Man

When children ask their parents certain things they don’t want to answer, they tend to dodge the bullet by telling their children that they too young to understand and will fathom the truth when the get older. Some of these lies parents tell remains a mystery even after they become adults.

Something people posted were just confusing for people to understand.

Sometimes parents tell their children some of the most stupidest things out of pure reluctance, not realizing how their little white lies will affect their child’s lives in the future to come.

The police is here to help you

Various police department took a moment to remind parents not to tell their children that the police will arrest them if they commit acts of misdemeanor or don’t listen to their parents as they are installing a fear of police in them which is not good. Instead, the parents should tell them to trust the police and come to them if they are afraid or in trouble 

The social security system was started by the governments to support its citizens when they become too old, and can’t do work anymore. The program includes giving them a small amount of money along with free medical services so they may live a good healthy life.

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