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How to Make Kinetic Sand At Home

Summer is just approaching and your kids need a new set of games to have ultimate fun in the new season. There is no better way for parents to engage their kids in a creative activity than making them play with kinetic sand, a material that allows creating so many moulds.

Issue is that Kinetic sand is not much cheaper. A minute quantity of this chemical is much costly. Hence, it can’t be useful in a long run, or it can’t offer too much of fun.

Luckily, it is possible for parents to make kinetic sand and home and make their kids create different objects with what seems a less sticky dough.

Making Kinetic Sand at home

The chemical which is nothing more than ordinary sand plus silicon oil is self sticky and allows the user a great deal of control over it. Therefore, it proves to be the best material for playing and creating objects.

Here you go for the DIY of Kinetic Sand.

Required Ingredients

Here is what you need to make this magic sand at home.

  1. Sand, you can get it from a store or beach. It just has to be ordinary white sand.
  2. Corn starch- on a smaller scale, one table spoon of the cornstarch is enough.
  3. Liquid Soap- You dont need to buy it as you must have it already.
  4. Water- One cup is enough, particularly those who are trying it for the first time or just on trial and error basis.
  5. Food colour- Better to use green for those in order to get that classy colour. As shown in the pictures you can add any colour depending upon the choice.

Kinetic SandPreparation

Preparation of the Kinetic sand is easier and requires following of the easy steps. It is not something as complex as making kinetic energy and then electricity out of coal.

  1. First of all bake  sand to make it perfect dry. Make sure that sand is dry and no water is left.
  2. Now add one table spoon of corn starch and mix it thoroughly.
  3. Now take one cup of water.
  4. Add liquid soap in water.
  5. Also add food color, better green food colour in the cup that contains water and liquid soap.
  6. Now add this water and soap mixture into sand.
  7. At this stage knead the sand just like floor dough for bread.
  8. Finally, when you have hot that bowl of kinetic sand, cut it to test that it is self sticky and does’t leave the place messy.
  9. If during the kneading, mixture sticks too much with the hands then add more sand and corn starch.

Now, your kids are ready to make funny stuff with this magic kinetic sand.

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