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10 Great Ways to Make Money Blogging

Every year thousands of people start a blog, but a few them go into the second year and then begin to make money blogging.

Why does it happen?

There are so many things that they do not understand. Sometimes, they do get demotivated and do not continue. At other times, they struggle to make money blogging. So, let us discuss how you can make money blogging and stay motivated.

Tips to Make Money Blogging

Here is why you should care about it if you think you want to make serious money writing online.

Understand the Underlying Theme

These guidelines are not for someone who is too focused on the money bit. They do not care about their readers or the kind of content they would like to offer. So, for the rest of us who sincerely want to make an impact and build a rapport with our readers, there are ways to make money online.

1. Google AdSense

The most common and well-established way to make money blogging is via Google AdSense. However, before you become too excited, you need to make sure that your website does receive a lot of traffic. You have to write high-quality content and promote it on a proactive basis to increase the flow of traffic on your site. There are guidelines to follow before you can get approval. Make sure that you take the time to understand those instructions before you apply for the advertisements.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one other way to make money blogging. You have to endorse someone else’s products on your website. If you choose to go for affiliate marketing, you always keep the readers’ in mind. Stay neutral and let the brand owner know upfront that you will write whatever you think is right. Do not sell your website’s good name for a few extra bucks. Always let your readers’ know what you genuinely feel so that you can build a relationship of trust with them.

3. Sell Your Products

If you specialize in some product, you can also sell it via your website. Please make sure that you are also writing the blog posts related to the product you are trying to sell. If what you write on your site does not match what you want to sell, no one is going to buy from you. Similarly, when you are not writing about the products you want to sell, you will not be able to attract the relevant traffic. Therefore, when you want to sell something, make sure to write about it and then try to convince others to buy from you.

4. Sell E-Books on Subjects You Specialize

There are many online business models for bloggers. One way to make money blogging is to sell e-books. In the year 2015, authors have sold around 221 million e-books. Self-published authors sold over 150K books without requiring any external assistance. The availability of book reading devices like Amazon Kindle has significantly increased the interest of people in reading these electronic books. Predictions estimate the electronic book’s sales to reach 25% of the total publications sold.

10 Great Ways to Make Money Blogging5. Write Product or Service Reviews

If you know about a particular field or specialize in it, you can provide your expert opinion on it. For example, if you are a VoIP engineer who knows about the different criteria to ascertain the quality of an internet phone service, you can write about it. Many internet phone service bloggers just test these services and give their verdict. Therefore, it is one great way of earning money.  Always keep in mind what features your readers would be most interested in and make sure to write about them in depth.

6. Allow Branded Posts

Bloggers that gather a significant amount of traffic can also allow branded posts. Branded posts are brand endorsements of the other products or services. They can include the benefits of using a product or service. Sometimes, bloggers accept branded content with indirect references. One example includes writing on a health and fitness topic and mentioning about a particular type of exercise machine with its brand name. It is called an implied brand endorsement. You can also opt for direct brand endorsements like talking about a product or service features. Make sure to accept brand endorsements that are not just talking about the benefits, but readers can also relate to them.

7. Sell Ad Space on Your Website

There are different ad formats and layouts that you could sell. Ad space selling is one of the most conventional ways of helping others get sales. You can place advertisements in your blog’s header, sidebar, footer, and within the content. There are different options available to you when you want to sell ad space. Sometimes, bloggers sell ads for a particular category, at other times they offer site-wide advertisements. The bloggers usually charge for ad space on a monthly basis.

8. Ask for Donations

It may not be an excellent idea for every other blogging geek online to ask for donations. However, if you are trying to promote a cause or helping someone through your writing, there is no harm in asking for money. Afterall, you are doing a service, and some donation can help better your efforts. Therefore, you can get money to promote your cause online. There are several reasons you should use a blog to support a cause like its global reach, ability to network online, and a platform to showcase your work better.

9. Promote Your Business

Many organizations have installed blogs on their corporate websites. If you think more of the people should know about your business, you can start blogging about it. When you write content, it helps you gain relevant viewership. Retailers are a great example of using blogs to increase traffic. You can let your customers’ know about the latest deals, offer coupons or discounts, and share amazing prizes. Blogging can provide businesses with a great way to monetize their online presence.

10. Offer Blogging Related Services

Blogging is in itself a full-time commitment. However, you do not realize the amount of knowledge you consume until you meet someone who is just starting to fondle with the idea of writing online. There are so many questions that they want to be answered, but no one is there to help them out. For example, you could provide services for selecting a web host, installing a CMS, different writing styles, SEO, and so on. You could also help them increase their blog outreach with a focus on the right content marketing strategies.

So, if you want to make money blogging, there are so many ways to do it. You just need to tap into your imagination to turn your barren blogging site into a cash earning source.

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