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Reporter Urges Farooq Abdullah to Implicate Pakistan in Pulwama Attack

A sad incident happened in Pulwama, Jammu, and Kashmir where a suicide bomber rammed an SUV with explosives into Indian military convoy, resulting in the death of 40 (Central Reserve Police Force) CRPF men. Pulwama attack was claimed by JeM (Jaish e Muhammad), a said to be an extremist organization based in Pakistan. Therefore, the Indian government blamed Pakistan for attack without presenting any solid evidence.

While the event is indeed heartbreaking and condemnable, Indian media is using it to propagate hatred against its neighboring county by saying it to be Pakistan-backed.

How Indian Media Is Implicating Pakistan in Pulwama Attack

The way the Indian government and media are taking Pakistan’s name in such a horrendous attack is so ridiculous. The fact is evident from this Indian news channel reporter’s interview with veteran Kashmiri politician Farooq Abdullah. In this video, it can be seen how this reporter is urging senior politician to hold Pakistan responsible for Pulwama attack. The reporter tried to enforce her stance to such an extent that Farooq Abdullah was compelled to leave.

The politician was of opinion that such incidents often happen in valley and negotiation between the protesters and the state are the only solution to the chaos. He said, “Don’t blame Pakistan, the local people are now joining this. But, it seems that Indian media is not ready to face the ground realities and its only agenda is to implicate Pakistan in terrorist attacks happening in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Who Attacked CRPF Convoy in Pulwama

22 years old Adil Ahmed Dar who joined JeD in 2018 was the suicide attacker who rammed a vehicle to CRPF convoy. Ghulam Hassan Dar, father of Adil told Reuters that his son joined militants after he was harassed and beaten by Police for being accused of stone pelting.

Adil’s mother also told the media that he was beaten by troops on his way from school. That’s why he developed anger against them.

Earlier, an India army officer was rewarded for tying Kashmiri to jeep as a human shield.

Celebrities Condemned Pulwama Attack

Here is what Bollywood celebrities had to say on Pulwama attack.

Priyanka Chopra also condemned the attack by saying that hate is never an answer.

Bollywood’s King Khan also expressed his condolence for the victims of attack.

As Priyanka said Hate is never an answer, so the Indian government should look for the reasons why there is such discontent among Kashmiri people against the state. And, instead of pointing fingers to the traditional rivals, as unfortunately both India and Pakistan do in such situations, they must look for the root causes so that the loss of the lives of the innocent can be protected. And, media, unlike the above-mentioned journalist, should ensure to report responsibly to prevent the sentiments of hatred arise.

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