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Why People Are Using Phrase SCO Pa Tu Manaa on Twitter

The phrase SCO Pa Tu Manaa is the latest Twitter trends in the summer of 2019. Despite seeing it going viral on memes and captions of so many social media posts, many users are still unable to understand what does this mean?

Interestingly folks are using this phrase despite not knowing its meaning and other users are criticizing them for copying it blindly.

Even if the phrase is from a language which is not common like English or is not one of the most spoken languages in the world then why they are using it?

People seem to agree that this catchphrase which is going more viral than Am I a Joke to You Memes has African origins.

There are also theories that this phrase has Hawaiian and not the African origins and its meaning is I will hit you. But the context in which this phrase is being used on social media posts clearly rebuts this theory or maybe those who used this phrase didn’t know that its meaning was I will hit you.

What Makes SCO Pa Tu Manaa So Popular?

The one reason why this phrase is so popular is that it is taken from a rap song. According to information available on this matter, Ghanian rapper Patappa created this word and it has Ghanian origins. The word can be used in various situations depending upon what a person is referring to.

So the legitimate meaning of this viral phrase is what is your opinion, what is your experience. Even if the word has a different meaning in different languages or no meaning at all (as chances are that it can be just a combination of words) then still its interpretation as what is your opinion justifies itself. The reason is that the context in which this phrase is being used on different pictures can have only the same meanings.

Just Another Product of Social Media

Social media has invented its own language. Over the years particularly after the popularity of Facebook, words like Lol, WTH, WTF, LMAO, TBH, and many other such expressions have become common in everyday use. The phrase SCO Pa Tu Manaa which is being used more in Twitter and Instagram is just another addition to social media vocabulary without even any meanings in real-world language.


An Alternate of Unpopular Opinion Edition

It’s not been so long since those unpopular opinion edition memes were viral on social media where people would post about things that generally oppose the popular opinion.

They have a type of Hero-Anti-Hero relation.

But now this SCO Pa tu Manaa thing has taken a central stage and interestingly those who earlier claimed to not care about anyone’s opinion are now openly asking for it under its guise.

Users are seeking opinions for not only themselves but also for celebrities, politicians, leaders, objects, comparisons and just anything on which they expect others to have a say. Or, they are seeking opinion just for the sake of using this phrase.

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