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This Season Upgrade Your Wardrobe With Some Trendy Shalwars

Forget denim pants for a while, because trendy shalwars are back and this time they are more stylish. Many renown Pakistani designers are introducing traditional shalwars with trendy styles and designs making them look a thing of the modern day.

Trendy Shalwars for Several Occasions

It might seem that Shalwars are just a casual wear and there is no way to wear them on formal occasions except they have some embroidery or fancy designing. But, the recent work of Pakistani fashion designer shows the trendy shalwars are available for every occasion.

The fact that more traditional attires are back in trend proves how culture is used for making a fashion statement.

This is not the first time that famous brands have reinvented a cultural dress in a classic way. We are aware of brands like YQB who are already bringing the folk culture for the modern generation making them more appealing. Here is an exhibit of such pieces.

Designers Coming Up With Trendy Shalwar Designs

Well, YQB is a name synonymous with some designs. But a couple of Pakistani designers have now come up with trendy shalwar designs that users will be compelled to bid farewell to jeans.

This Nickienina dress shows that embroidery and fancy designing is not exclusive to shirts and dupattas rather it can also be used on shalwars which in turn impart more elegant look.

And, the above contrast of orange and green shows how the combinition suits best for the Mehandi functions. Even, those who might not prefer shalwars over jeans or pajamas, they must consider them for wedding functions.

For Casual Wears

But limiting shalwars for the mehndi and barat functions would be injustice. The trendy shalwars not only easily pass as casual wears but they impart a cooler appearance than what comes from wearing ripped jeans.

So, you are good to check into a cafe or go to your college with same attire. Just have a look at how Saba Qamar has donned this dress in this instagram post.

Check few more looks beautifully complimented by trendy shalwar designs.

Winter is just coming. You must have taken inspiration from some designs from New York Fashion week and other such shows. Despite this, it is time to give rest to some western attire and go for some desi looks.

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