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The Wanna Cry Ransomware Spread Across the Globe

The wanna cry ransomware is spread across the world. The NHS cyber attack in the UK made it a lot more famous. However, the cyber security experts are still determining the extent of damage done by the wanna cry ransomware.

Microsoft Warning on Wanna Cry Ransomware

The operating system giant Microsoft’s warning on wanna cry ransomware states it as a wake-up call.  The attack initially spread to 100 countries now persists in around 150 nations. The warning also intimates the governments to take extraordinary precautionary measures.

The Microsoft also said that governments were partly responsible for the problem as they were storing data on computers with vulnerable operating systems. The vulnerabilities in these operating systems led to easy hack by the hackers.

The recent wanna cry ransomware exploits the security loopholes in Microsoft Windows initially identified by the US intelligence. The start of the weekend on Monday saw further attacks on wanna cry ransomware.

To Pay or Not to Pay

Reports suggest a lot of people are paying to the demands of the people behind wanna cry ransomware. In some cases, the users need to pay up to $300 to get back access to their files. Cyber security experts are warning that the wanna cry ransomware may spread even further.

An estimate suggests hundreds of thousands of computers got hit because of the malware. Some say people affected by the ransomware paid $40,000 as ransom by early Monday. There is a warning from the ransomware that the payment will double after three days. Some of the organizations worst hit include FedEx, Russian Interior Ministry, Telefonica, and Deutsche Bahn among others.

Who Is Behind Wanna Cry Ransomware?                                  

The fact is that no one claimed responsibility for the wanna cry ransomware. The experts so far are not able to determine the identity of the people behind the attack. Some cybersecurity experts say they suspect it to be a small operation.

Overall Impact on NHS

The recent reports suggest the second hike in wanna cry ransomware did not hit NHS. However, the disruptions are still affecting GP appointments and routine surgeries. The number of hospitals affected from the attack were 7 on Sunday and by Monday only 2 more hospital remain impacted.

The total impact was spread to sixteen trusts of NHS with issues related to cancellations and service delays. Hospitals are advising patients to show up for appointments unless told otherwise. The experts believe it will take some days before the hospitals can completely get rid of wanna cry’s ill effects.

How to Protect?

Here are some useful tips you can use to protect yourself against wanna cry ransomware.

Update Your Operating System

Always make sure to use the latest Windows version of the operating system. Do not neglect warnings to upgrade your operating system. Always install that patch your computer reminded you for your operating system. Also, do not use an operating system which is not receiving any more updates like Windows XP.

Avoid Clicking Suspicious Links

When you are browsing online, avoid suspicious links. Also, do not open emails from addresses you do not know.

Do Not Download Suspicious Attachments

If you receive an email with an attachment, better delete than trying to open it up. A lot of times hackers use the attachments to download and install malware on your PC.

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