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Dear Alamgir Khan! Can You FixIt without Dehumanizing Your Opponents?

Alamgir Khan, the activist turned politician is a pretty much known figure in Pakistan for initiating the cleanliness drive in country’s economic hub Karachi. A look at Khan’s social media pages reveals that he is doing great job of cleaning Karachi, covering the uncovered manholes, and clearing the clogged sewerage lines, thus making the city beautiful and more live able.

There is no doubt that Khan is one of those rare politicians who actually care about their constituency and put their efforts to make the lives of their people better. But, recently I came across a rather disgusting and dehumanizing post on his Facebook page that was really a matter of concern for those who look forward to a society that wants to prosper on civic norms.

Is FixIt Going Right Way For Its Social Media Promotions?

Here I am not talking about the direct promotions of FixIt on Facebook and Twitter. In fact, I am referring to a post on a Facebook page of PTI MNA Alamgir Khan. The disgusting post shows a picture of Alamgir Khan who is about to cover a manhole, that has the faces of CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah and Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar on it.

The picture further says, “Kaam Karo Warna Dhakan Laga Doun Ga”.

According to the caption, the purpose of this image doesn’t seem to dehumanize these politicians; but to remind them of their responsibility towards the betterment of their cities and people. While, there is no doubt that our traditional politicians have unfortunately failed us miserably, the picture above doesn’t justify it.

MNA Alamgir Khan is quite a popular figure; He has become more of an influencer after making his way to assembly and maintaining a robust presence on social media. So, his actions, words and Facebook posts can have a great impact on those who aspire to follow him. I am sure, he wouldn’t like his followers and the youth of this country to come up with such ideas that dehumanize opponents in order to prompt them to work. To be honest, such tactics never go well with the mood of seasonal politicians. In fact, they offend them further and fuel the sentiments of enmity in them.

What Is the Need for Such Derogatory Posts

Further, such offensive material is used by those who have no real work to show. If you want to shame them then speed up your work and post more pictures of the outcome you have achieved in course of making Karachi free from filth. I guess, you have done a lot for the people of your city and your work should be enough.

But sorry to say such pictures can only help pollute the mind of your followers and not do any good for the city which you are trying to make clean. So, dear Alamgir Khan, make sure that you act as a leader whose legacy is to make a name for his work and not to dehumanize the opponents merely to shame them. Please Fixit and make sure that your social media team promotes your activities and conveys your message in a responsible manner.

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