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5 Funny Super Bowl Commercials more Entertaining than the Game

Some really funny Super Bowl commercials appeared during the big game on Sunday, 7th February 2021. Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs by 31 – 9 in the finals. Tom Brady set another NFL record by becoming the Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the fifth time by scoring three touchdowns. Another MVP of this match were the ads, which spiced up an already the thrilling Sunday night. COVID-19 pandemic has forced most of the live crowd to watch sports from home. Only 25,000 spectators were present at the stands, which was the lowest attendance in Super Bowl history.

Funny Super Bowl Commercials Attract All Kind Of Viewers.

It looks like the brands have spent millions of dollars on ads to air for a few seconds during the big game. They used this time slot to promote themselves during the pandemic without even addressing its impact. Instead, these commercials were a blend of entertainment and creativity that gives an uplifting vibe to the viewer. Even those not interested in NFL games, are usually attracted to Super Bowl ads. Mainly because of the better quality than regular commercials, plus there are also celebrities in there.

Mat Is Flat On Doritos

Acclaimed Hollywood Actor, Matthew McConaughey stars in Doritos commercial as a Flat 2D humanoid figure. The ad showed that he got rolled over by a football, got stuck in robot vacuum, and blown away by air, until he finds himself with a bag of Doritos 3D. The puffed chips then restore Mat back to his original self.

Who Took My Cheetos?

Another chips brand Cheetos made their own version of Shaggy’s hit song from 2000, it wasn’t me. 

Not So General Motors

While this time Tom Bardy’s performance proved a massive hit, there was no entertaining stuff like viral Priyanka-Nick picture from Superbowl 2019.


Rocket Mortgage Is Not Certain About That Though

Well, these funny Super Bowl commercials might be annoying for viewers but not as much as those get ready for Brexit ads.

Alexa’s Body

There is no doubt that apart from the christmas season ads super bowl is the best time to see the creativity of marketing companies.

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