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A German World War I Submarine with 23 Bodies Onboard

Researchers have found a German World War I submarine off the Belgium coast. The German World War I submarine has all its 23 sailors in it. The authorities say that it was found on the North Sea floor tilted at a 45-degree angle. The German World War I submarine was found 82 to 92 feet below the surface of the sea. The vessel is 20 feet wide and has a length of 88 feet.

German World War I Submarine Damage Impact

There is some damage to the front of the German World War I submarine. However, the other parts of the vessel are still intact. The U-boat’s location is still not shared with the public. Authorities fear that if they share the location, people will try to go near the U-boat. Belgian authorities are in touch with the German Ambassador to decide what to do with the remains.

Uncertainty Still Remains on the Submarine

The fuzzy and unclear images are making it difficult to tell exactly more about the vessel. Germany had 18 to 19 submarines in its fleet near Flanders. During the time between 1916 and 1917, the British planes and ships sank three U-boats numbered 27, 29, and 32. Therefore, Belgian authorities cannot tell with surety which of the submarine have they found.

A German World War I Submarine with 23 Bodies Onboard

Possible Reason Behind Sinking of the U-Boat

Many theories are popping up all over the internet about the reason behind the U-Boat’s damaged state. However, the most plausible reason that Navy warfare experts can give is that it was hit by a naval mine. Therefore, the explosion caused the U-boat to sink into the depths of the ocean.

Crew Inside for Over 100 Years

The most remarkable fact about the U-boat is its pristine condition. One part of the German World War I submarine remains missing. It still has its torpedoes in place, suggesting that the vessel has been discovered for the first time. Therefore, sea warfare experts believe that the crew of 22 sailors and one commander remain onboard even after 100 years.

Role of the U-Boats in World War I

The German World War I submarines were built between 1915 and 1916. They could dive up to 150 feet below the sea. During the World War I, they would attack cargo and warships. They would mainly attack the British trade ships. These vessels played a significant role in destroying hundreds of enemy ships. However, their sheer size would make them an easy target for the enemy ships and planes.

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