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These are the 9 Most Dangerous Airports In the World

Landing at the most dangerous airports is indeed an adventurous task and test of the pilot’s nerves. Not, every person knows precisely what makes an airport dangerous. For few, it is the slippery floor, an unsecured location or a place famous for being frequented by terrorists.

And very often there are the occasional incidents that make airports dangerous. Like, recent closing down of London City Airport due to the discovery of World War II bomb. But, these are the dangers that loom over every single airport, irrespective of the security measures.

The Most Dangerous Airports in the World

The world is no short of runways located on rough mountainous terrains, packed between snowy peaks and situated on the bank of oceans. These sites often present breathtaking natural scenes but landing a plane there is nothing less than a challenge for them.

Most Dangerous Airports

Let’s have a look at the most dangerous runways.

  1. Paro Airport, Bhutan

Paro Airport in Bhutan qualifies for one of the most dangerous airports in the world for being located between Himalayan peaks. For landing here, a pilot needs to maneuver between mountains while beating the antagonistic winds at the same time. No plane is allowed to land here unless there is any natural visible light. The scariest thing about Paro is that only eight pilots are qualified to land here.

  1. Tenzing-Hillary Airport

This airport located in Nepal is named after two climbers Sherpa Tenzing and Edmund Hillary who climbed the Mountain Everest. It was initially named as Lukla airport. Tenzing-Hillary airport runway is a dangerous spot for four reasons. First of all, it has a rough terrain. Secondly, the territory ends in a 2000 feet drop. The airport has a cloud cover that affects the visibility. And, high winds blow in the area making maneuvering difficult. The airport has faced several accidents as well.

  1. Gustaf III Airport

Gustaf III which is also known as St. Jean Airport is considered as third most dangerous airports in the world for its challenging landing site that starts from a slope and ends in a beach. The place is dangerous for planes as well as bystanders. At the time of take-off planes have to fly over the head of people on the beach and at time of landing planes have to escape hitting the hilltop. In fact, it is the landing which makes for the challenging part, as pilots have to maneuver strategically.

  1. Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong

Hong Kong that also shares the top spot in the list of smartest countries in the world. It is famous for its skyline, something that often jeopardizes the situation of planes. But real difficulty was due to surrounding mountains and high winds. It was once renowned as the scariest airports and had been closed down in 1998.

  1. Barra Airport

Let’s talk about the exciting things about Barra Airport before exploring its most terrifying stuff; located on an island in Switzerland; this is the only airport that has a runway in the form of sandy beach.  Another exciting thing about this airport is that it has three tracks, which get disappeared in the water during massive tide. At one time only one track is used. Further, no flight lands at night except in case of emergency. The purpose of building three runways is to ensure that flights can land according to the direction of the wind.

  1. Saint Marteen International Airport

Sint Marteen International Airport, also known as Princess Juliana International Airport is located on the Dutch side of Sint Maarten Island. This place might not be as dangerous in term of the landing site, but it is hazardous for onlookers who come here for spotting the planes. The runway has additional fencing to make sure that tourists are safe when water tides rise due to the landing of aircraft.

  1. Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport

This report which has now been closed is located at Saba Island in the Antilles, Netherlands. The runway of this airport is not only short but also ends in a cliff. Therefore those who want to land here to fulfill their desire for adventure must obtain a waiver.

  1. Wellington International Airport

Wellington International Airport is also in the list of most dangerous airports in the world for a challenging landing that it has to offer. The place has a short 6351, feet runway that ends in water. Therefore, therefore large jets can’t land here, only in particular cases. Due to the location of this airport, pilots need to have a great deal of courage while being brilliant with maneuvering.

  1. Ice Runway of Antarctica

Here comes another prominent example of the most dangerous airports in the world. Slippery land of Antarctica is as unsupportive of landing planes as it is for life. But the ice Runway in this ice continent is completely made up of ice and runway. Aircraft need to keep a check for their weight before landing here. They must be light enough to not crack the snow.


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