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Russia Warns Swift Response to UK’s Expulsion of Russian Diplomats

It appears that recent incident of Salisbury spy poisoning is causing an escalation of tension between UK and Russia. After the UK’s expulsion of Russian diplomats, Russia has also warned to respond with a swift action, reportedly.

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, expelled 23 Russian diplomats on Wednesday after Russia didn’t respond to Its alleged involvement in the poisoning of former Russian Spy Sergel Skripal and his daughter Yulia Skripal on British soil.

Russian Spy And UK’s Expulsion of Russian Diplomats

The recent tensions between UK and Russia that started after the poisoning of Russian double agent in Salisbury UK are reminiscent of the cold war era.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May had asked Russia to explain how a chemical poison which is identified to be manufactured in Russia has poisoned a person on British soil. But, lack of serious response from Russia resulted in the UK’s expulsion of Russian diplomats.

After the UK expelled 23 Russian spies as per its warning, Russian foreign minister has vowed to do the same, reportedly.

The incident of Sergel Skripal and his daughter Yulia Skirpal’s poisoning took place on March 4, Sunday in Salisbury and emergency services received the first report at 16:15 GMT. Both victims were in serious condition when police found them on a bench outside the Zizzi restaurant in Salisbury.

Reports suggest that a nerve agent that was used to poison the former Russian spy, was identified as a Novichok, group of nerve agents manufactured only in Russia. Apart from the Russian spy and his 33 years old daughter a police officer Nick Bailey also fell ill, after he attended the incident.

UK's Expulsion of Russian Diplomats

The response of UK’ Allies

The incident which is deemed more like a chemical attack and a risk to the security of British citizens has raised concern among the British government which is taking a harsh stance on the matter- For instance, UK’s expulsion of Russian Diplomats is one such example.

According to media reports, Prime Minister Theresa May has sought support from its allies including the US, France, and Germany on the matter.

Reports further suggest that French President Emmanuel Macron expressed in a telephonic conversation with Prime Minister Theresa May, about “no other plausible explanation” than Russia’s involvement in the poisoning incident. The French government also agreed with the UK on the importance of transatlantic unity in response to this incident”.

The USA also blamed Russia for the attack on its former spy and showed its solidarity with the UK.

Experts are saying that UK’s sanctions on Russia, might also impact the UK’s business. The country’s economy is already getting impacted due to Brexit.

Who is Sergel Skripal?

66 years old Sergel Skripal is former Russian intelligence officer who has been convicted for revealing the identities of his Russian under-cover agents working in Europe and UK, with British intelligence agency Mi6. His country jailed him for 13 years in 2006.

After serving about 4 years of imprisonment, Sergel was released in spies exchange between Russia and UK in 2017 and started living in the UK since then.

The facts that Sergel was a Russian agent and he became a victim of Russia-manufactured nerve agent, are making the UK blame Russia for the involvement in the incident.

If Russia really responded fiercely to the UK’s expulsion of Russian diplomats, then it would threaten to worsen tension between the countries.

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