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Amazing Scenes of The Mummy 4 Movie 2017

The Mummy 4 Movie offers a lot of story to the viewers. However, some critics disagree with the plot the film carries. No matter what the critics might say, it is an excellent addition to the Mummy film series. There are many breathtaking scenes in the movie that make it more appealing, adding more drama and suspense.

Here is our take on the best scenes in The Mummy 4 2017 movie scenes.

Prince Ahmanet – The Evil Monster Behind the Story

The story revolves around a princess of Egypt that goes with the name of Ahmanet. Although next heir in line to take the throne, she becomes greedy and tries to kill her father. In her greed to take the throne earlier, she becomes obsessed. However, the King orders to have the princess buried alive.

The curse of the Prince Ahmanet remains with her. After hundreds of years, she gets found by a treasure hunter. The initial scenes describing Princess Ahmanet tell us the whole story.  

There are many amazing scenes of Prince Ahmanet in The Mummy 4 movie where she unleashes her wrath. She comes out with her aggression, showing no mercy or remorse, becoming an evil princess that everyone hates.

Bats Attacking the Plane

As soon as the plane carrying the Mummy takes off, it is attacked by hundreds of bats. The bats crush the plane’s windows, killing both the pilot and co-pilot. Resultantly, the plane starts going down with fire in one of its engines.

The situation soon becomes uncontrollable resulting in Tom Cruise and Jennifer trying to get out of the plane. Jennifer manages to get off the plane, but Tom Cruise crashes with the aircraft into the ground. It is yet another page-turner in the movie where Tom Cruise later comes to life in a mortuary after his death.

A Greedy Businessman

Amazing Scenes of The Mummy 4 Movie 2017Russell Crowe plays the role of a greedy businessman, magnificently portraying the character of Dr. Henry Jekyll. Jennifer plays the role of a deceptive lady who somehow delivers prince Ahmanet to Russell Crowe. Jennifer turns out to be different than what Tom Cruise expected of her to be in the movie.

In one of the scenes where Tom Cruise meets Russell Crowe, things get revealed to him. Russell Crowe tells him how he is an opportunist. Furthermore, he tells him that he deals in an evil business. This scene in The Mummy 4 becomes particularly important because it adds a twist to a simple story of a treasure hunter into witch melodrama.

There are many famous scenes that exhibit the story of the film and the way it shapes up, showing the real character of its different roles.

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