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Coleen Rooney Considering A £70 Million Divorce

The wife of the famous footballer Wayne Rooney is considering a £70 million divorce. The reason circulating in the media is the adamant behavior of Coleen Rooney’s husband towards her. Coleen Rooney thinks that he humiliates her with his arrogant attitude. Furthermore, the recent arrest of Wayne Rooney with another lady has made him even more suspicious.

Coleen Rooney’s Husband Arrest and The Mysterious Lady

Wayne Rooney got arrested on early hours of Friday morning on drinking while driving charges. He was driving a VW Beetle of Laura Simpson at the time of his arrest.

Laura Simpson did admit having kissed Coleen Rooney on that night. Furthermore, she believes that if she had went to his home, something might have happened between the two. However, she and Wayne Rooney could not act upon their plan because the police pulled them over.

Coleen Rooney’s Return from Spain

The news of Wayne Rooney’s arrest spread quickly like wildfire. At the time of his arrest, Coleen Rooney was spending her holiday with her three sons. Some news outlets also claim a row between Wayne Rooney and his wife over their £6 million family home in Cheshire.

Coleen stated that she felt embarrassed about the fact that the world was laughing at her. Furthermore, she wanted to know why her husband would be doing such a terrible thing to her.

Some tabloid sources claim that Coleen Rooney is considering getting a divorce from her husband. It is not the first time that Wayne Rooney has cheated on his wife. He is repeating his past behavior for which she had forgiven him in the past.

Back in 2010, it was Wayne Rooney finding love in an ex-prostitute named Helen Wood. Even the boyfriend of the girl had admitted him having relations with Helen Wood. We all know Wayne Rooney’s career struggle in the past, and this comes as another challenge for him to surmount.

What Will Divorce Cost Wayne Rooney?

Like all other famous football players, Wayne Rooney has a net worth in hundreds of millions of pounds. If Coleen Rooney does get a divorce, she will walk away with a whopping £70 million.

Family of Wayne Rooney and Coleen Rooney

Coleen Rooney Considering A £70 Million DivorceWayne and Coleen are expecting to have their fourth child soon. They had welcomed their first child, Kai Rooney, back in November 2009. The couple had a second child in May 2013, Anthony Rooney. The third boy of the pair, Kit Rooney, was born in January 2016.

Will the Couple Go Ahead with the Divorce?

There are mixed reports about the couple that if they are staying together or separating after a marriage of 9 years. Some close friends say that they have spotted Coleen Rooney without her engagement ring, while others say that she is giving one last chance to her husband.

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