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Viral Video of Colonel Ki Biwi Is Making Fans Question Ehd E Wafa

In a recent viral video, a woman is seen sparring with a police officer in an attempt to cross the road block. This woman disclosed herself as the wife of a possible army officer and became famous by the name of “Colonel Ki Biwi” on social media. This incident is heavily polarizing and may induce different feelings for everyone. It can make some people sad, some mad, and some laugh.

Meanwhile, others consider this a usual human activity on the Earth that deserves to be memefied. This is a reason why most people relate this incident with Ehd-E-Wafa drama that portrayed the Army as a law-abiding and citizen-friendly establishment.

Colonel Ki Biwi In Action on Road

The video is posted on social media in parts. Here’s the first part of the video in which it is seen that a woman and a boy in glasses (driver) are stopped at the roadblock. She is seen resisting the police verbally and then getting out of the car to remove the blockade personally

In the second part, the woman starts to manhandle the blockade material and threatens to run the blockade anyway

In this last part she finally manages to suppress the police and safely avoids the purpose of the roadblock by just driving past them

It was shocking for the fans of Ehd-e-Wafa because this incident contradicted what was encouraged in the drama. This drama was extremely popular among the masses, especially it was the final episode of Ehd e Wafa that reenacted the famous incident of Abhinandan, the Indian pilot

Colonel Ki Biwi In a Drama

The incident immediately led people to compare how both realities were different from each other. This user made a comparison of two said wives of army personnel and how they were entirely different in their attitude towards law.

This user exposed how scam occurs when a person trusts something blindly. This normally happens in online shopping where an ordered smartphone magically turns into a musical device that only plays nursery rhymes

And for those who expected that army family members look like as they are shown in a drama then they should meet this colonel ki biwi

ISPR produced Ehd e Wafa so popular that its final episode was aired in a cinema

Chief Of Army Staff Taking Notice Of The Incident

Senator Rehman Malik confirmed that Chief Of Army Staff has taken notice of this incident.

It is not sure what would become of all this but this incident is another reason not to follow dramas so blindly that it distorts the vision of reality. Similar stuff happened with Esra Bilgic of Ertugrul Ghazi, who was harassed for posting a picture on Instagram.

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