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Careem Pakistan Now Launches Delivery Services For Its Customers

Ride-hailing app Careem has launched its delivery services for its Pakistani customers. The new facility will allow users to pick, send and track the small packages or orders.

Careem Pakistan’s Delivery Services

Careem has already expanded its fleet to various cities of Pakistan. The company is using modern tech tools for providing the digital solution to mobility problem.

As part of its new service, it will be allowing customers to order picking up an item, which can be keys, documents, pharmaceuticals, lunch boxes and even food from their favorite restaurants. The service is currently available in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Peshawar only.

Muhammad Nashit Iqbal, the operations manager at Careem Bikes and Delivery, told media that new service was about forgotten keys, lunch boxes, documents and anything like that. The company has kept it simple and competitively priced so that people can use the app which is already in their phone to avail another service. He also told that new captains would be trained and brought on board to efficiently cater to the need of new market segment, as the company aims to offer a one-stop solution to the mobility needs of its customers.

How to Get Careem’s Delivery Service

Availing Careem delivery service is much simple and works just like ordering a ride. Customers need to select Delivery in the car type, give the pickup location, details of the object to be picked and place where the items are to be delivered. They can utilize the detail section to elaborately describe the information about the package or any object to be delivered. In the end, customers have to pay the fair charges and a small amount for the package.

Till now, the service is available for only 5% Careem customers in Pakistan.

Careem’s Marketing Strategy

As compared to its competitor Uber, Careem is more aggressively penetrating into Pakistani market. The company also uses its marketing strategy in a way to lure more customers to use its services, but such a promotional tactic doesn’t always work. The recent example is its use of political slogans as promo codes that even called it the wrath of critics. But, it seems that the company is identifying the real daily-basis needs of people to diversify its portfolio and expand its services to more users.

Whether the customers will use the ride-hailing app’s food delivery services from restaurants, depends upon the affordability because there are already many vendors who are offering the same services.

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