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A Taxiless Driver Or A Driverless Taxi? What’s More Appealing?

We all have heard about the taxi less drivers but we are going to experience the driverless taxi by the government of Dubai. Now the technology is moving as fast as it can and it’s so glad to know that there is something really innovative being developed for the common public. And thankfully it’s not a new upgrade of any expensive smartphone’s new model but a taxi which does not have any driver! In Dubai, a new form of a public taxi has been introduced which is driverless!

Driverless Taxi In Dubai

Now, the credit goes to the government of Dubai who is making sure to facilitate it’s public with their vision 2025 and producing the variety of gadgets and technology just for providing the more lavishing lifestyle to the residents. Driverless taxi is the new way of progressing in the field of technology by the government of Dubai.

RTA Launched This Driverless Taxi At Gitex

This self-operated car was first showcased at the Gitex 2018 and on Sunday 14th October 2018 the test drive was performed on the roads of Dubai.


The Public Interaction Of These Driverless taxis

The announcement has been made that after three months these driverless taxis will be available for the public in some areas in Dubai.

  • These taxis can reach up to 20 kilometers per hour.
  • These cars can accommodate four passengers.
  • For now, there will be a driver who will take control over the car if needed.

People seemed super excited regarding this new technology

Google to Introduce a driverless car as well?


The promo by RTA shows that the driverless taxi is a car which does not have a driver. This might be possible that after some time and the success of this venture the drivers won’t be required and the cars will run automatically. Don’t you think that this will provoke the joblessness and what about those who earn through taxi driving. This matter should also be considered by the Dubai government and the technology developers that this technology is reducing the importance of humans and this is as fare and easy as it seems!

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