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Brits Are Shocked To Hear Prince William Cheated On His Wife

The social media is exploding with unconfirmed rumors that the Arch Duke of Cambridge Prince William has cheated on his wife and the brits aren’t happy about it.

Reactions over Prince William Cheating on His Wife

The things Brits are saying about Prince William are worth taking a look at.

Many Brits feel that acorn doesn’t fall so far from the tree referring to how Prince Charles cheated on Princess Diana

Suggestion for Kate Middleton

Many feel that if the rumors are true that Kate better do the same thing Diana did to Charles when he cheated on her by breaking all protocol.

For some, this is a big deal because this isn’t the first time a royal or celebrities have cheated on their spouse. History is filled with tales with people belonging to  humble and not so humble background cheating on their spouse.

The way people have taken to social media to tweet about this subject is hilarious they are typing nonstop, and with no regards to any law or protocol, they must follow.

Media’s Reaction on Prince William Cheating

Whenever there is a major event or whenever any royal, i.e. the Duchess of Sussex make a mistake the media explodes with coverage with complete disregard to any moral and ethical boundaries. On the other hand, when William cheat on his wife with her best friend the media looks the other way.

The media tirelessly trolls Meghan when she accidentally breaks protocol by writing paragraph upon paragraph and showing the same footage over and again but when their prince makes a mistake complete silence.

Despite witnessing all the pain and suffering his mother went through the Duke still chose to walk down the same path his father did is the real shocker for many.

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