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Samsung S9 and S9 Plus Launch Rumors

The South Korean phone maker has gone through some tumultuous times. Still, their zeal to remain top of the game never dies. The launch of new Samsung Galaxy S8 speaks volumes about the company’s determination to stay afloat despite challenges. Next stop for the company is the Samsung S9 and its Plus version.

Samsung S9 – A Flagship Product for the Company

The next big marvel in the smartphone industry is the launch of Samsung S9 and S9 Plus. The rumors suggest that the Samsung S9 release date would be somewhere around early next year, perhaps in January 2018. So, the fans may just be a few months away from seeing the next big product by the company.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Specifications as Per Leaks

Many smartphone industry experts believe the Samsung S9 may not necessarily look as shown in the video. Therefore, you may find a different phone from what it seems in the Samsung Galaxy S9 concept. The video suggests the smartphone to have a straight screen. However, we have seen the next evolution on the display of phones like iPhone X. Therefore, the curvy screens of this smartphone are not going to change anytime soon.

Samsung S9 and S9 Plus Launch Rumors

Rumored Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs

Here is a look at the news about Samsung S9 specs.

  • A USB-C port for connectivity.
  • The inclusion of dedicated button for artificial intelligence assistant Bixby.
  • A rear-facing dual camera.
  • The inclusion of fingerprint sensor within the display.
  • Support for Cat 18 LTE, reaching speeds of 1.2 Gbps for downloading data.
  • The phone is rumored to use the Android 8.0 operating system.
  • Reports suggest the Samsung S9 phone come with two processors, Samsung Exynos for the UK, and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 for the US.
  • It will feature either a 5.8 or 6.2 inches Super AMOLED display supporting between 529 PPI and 570 PPI.

There is no confirmation on the amount of RAM they will add to the new flagship smartphone. However, there are chances that they might consider not upgrading it. Therefore, many of the die-hard fans may not be happy with no upgrade in RAM.

Other Rumors for Samsung S9

Nothing coming out right now for Samsung S9 can be confirmed. Some industry experts believe that the South Korean phone maker may remove the finger scanner altogether as it involves significant technical challenges. So, what might replace the fingerprint scanner? There are reports that Samsung might be considering technology similar to Face ID used in new iPhone X. There is no confirmation about the price range, but experts believe it to range between £690 and £780.

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