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Trevor Noah Apologizes for Making Fun of India-Pakistan War

South-African comedian Trevor Noah’s funny comments on a possible India-Pakistan war has given rise to hot debate. After the Daily Call show host pictured a hilarious scene on the border with a touch of Bollywood, he faced backlash for making a mockery of such a serious situation which has jeopardized the lives of millions of people. Upon facing huge criticism, Trevor Noah had to apologize from those who felt hurt due to his comments.

Trevor Noah’s India-Pakistan War Jokes

In his tweet, Trevor Noah apologised for mocking India-Pakistan war situation but he also told that he even made jokes when his mother was shot in head.

Here is what Noah had to say about this situation

He also went on say that as a comedian he used comedy to process pain and discomfort in his world but he was sorry that this hurt people as this was not he was trying to do.

Reaction on Trevor Noah Jokes

It’s not been so long since Trevor Noah faced criticism for comparing Donald Trump with PM Imran Khan. Now, he is again talk of the town for seemingly offensive India-Pakistan war jokes. The comedian was surprised about the fact that his jokes trended more than the actual conflict.

People were quick to remind him that not every one in India and Pakistan knows him and his remarks remained a matter of debate only among a small faction of social media users.

Here is what other people had to say about his comments.

What Is So Ironic About Criticism of Noah

Noah is not the only person who has made a joke out of this situation. In fact, Indo-Pak social media users have been using this conflict as content for the new supply of memes. From the capture and return of Abhinandan to possible post-war scenarios, everything has been mocked as if it has nothing to do with the lives of people. It seems, that except a few peace-loving people and families of the soldiers on each side of the border, the situation was simply fun for everyone.

And, this Twitter user was quite right to point out towards the fact.

Folks were also pointing how Noah got slammed for making fun of India-Pakistan situation but no one is criticising Prime Minister Modi for mocking Dyslexia.

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