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YouTube Down, Right Now Jobless YouTubers Deserves Your Sympathy

According to the news reports (and of course personal experience), YouTube was down on October 16, 2018, at 9:20 PM ET for exactly one hour or more! This service disruption not only affected the channels but YouTube music and YouTube Tv was also under the impact of this issue. And not only a specific region but the whole world faced this issue together, at the same time.


YouTube Down Mean YouTubers Doesn’t Have A Job, Right?

When we talk about YouTube many things come into our mind and first amongst them is the long queue of YouTubers who will be waiting on the login forum of this site wondering when their office will open.

In a very uncertain way that whether the office will open, or they are expelled, or their only video presenting platform is down forever! Mean YouTubers need to get another job, right?


In this case, if they are calling at the police station then I guess it’s their right to report! Might be the owner has met an accident or this was a spam or something! So, some people did that too!

Till this official announcement, most of the users thought that calling 911 is the solution!

Were YouTubers Only Famous At YouTube?

Well, this is very obvious that if TV stars are only famous till the public has access to their Tv screens, Movie stars are only famous because the public has the access to cinemas then YouTube stars are also famous just because people have access to it When the Youtube went down, the stardom of these YouTubers also fell down with it.


And Twitter is a complicated myth guys!

Getting A Proper Job Actually

So most of the people might actually be thinking that they need to do a real job now! Because this incident just gave them time to think about their actual career apart from making videos!

So what could be the possible reason for this incident?

Youtube has suffered this breakdown before when the censor board of Youtube allowed the trailer of anti-Islamic film and Pakistan made a protest which caused a global breakdown in the server of this site!

But now the outrage of its service is unknown, though Pat McAfee took the blame on his shoulders

But people also thought that Thor is the reason for it? Duh!

After the Service Returned

Everyone had a sigh of relief ” especially the YouTubers” when the service came back after 90 mins.

And some expressed this breakage as their personal loss!

for others, the return of this service was the return of their power, (not exactly)

Anyhow, people have never observed such long time breakage in the service of Youtube globally, but glad that public survived and came out of this “trauma” safely! What if Twiter rests for a few minutes someday, I wonder where people will go to express their thoughts, on the record?

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